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I'm Deb ​ and along with my husband Volker, ​and my​ 4 kids ​(and now a kid-in-law)​ ​​ have served the homeschooling community for the last 10 years from my home .

Vista Hills Homeschool ministry was originated by "two fat women on a mission from God." ​We are not ​under or provided for by a church, but​ we are simply​ a ministry initiated by God in the hearts of two homeschooling moms​ (My original partner Vickie, was called to another ministry years ago)​ .​

We felt that God was calling us to support homeschoolers in ways that the average group does not -- based on the example of the Christian church Paul describes in the Bible. A group of Christian, and even some non-Christian women who love and support one another, pool resources, and pray in earnest for one another.

Our motto is: "If we all pull together, we will all pull through​...."

What God originally told us was that Families struggle in order to obey the command to homeschool their kids and that we were to do "Whatever it looks like" to help them. That leaves it all pretty much "wide open" as far as what we are willing to do to love on and assist our families. ​ If one of our moms is in trouble, we do everything we can to help. If we can't physically (or financially) “do” anything, we can always pray, and we try to remember to do that before we do anything else. We believe that if God wants us to be involve He will provide whatever is needed - and if He doesn't then we are to pray and wait. But in 10 years there has only been once that I can remember that He didn't provide (someone needed a whole new roof).

Basically, I am an uneducated, unorganized, ill-equipped, unhealthy mom who is being used and empowered by God to do the impossible. Pretty cool when you think about it.

God told us that everything we do must be free. However, if the place we are going to charges, we never allow anyone to be left out because they can't afford it. Just let us know you can't manage the entrance fee and we will figure something out. I know what it is like to always be the one who's kids miss out because there is just no money for "non-necessities" like field trips.

We figure that money is not a good enough reason to get left behind when our Heavenly Father is the richest guy in town and wants to give His children good gifts.

We encourage and meet with new homeschoolers to kind of give them a “feel” for what homeschooling is and show them some of the different kinds of curriculum and "schools of thought" for teaching.

We have a homeschool library which has curriculum which was donated by other homeschoolers for moms to check out for a year and bring back when they are done. It isn't really organized right now, but we are working on it. We are currently praying for a librarian.

If you would rather keep a book, then we allow that as well, for a donation to the ministry. ​ Some can afford more and some less - ​ ​The amount is between you and God -- we trust you to be faithful.)

We even have moms who donate their talents such as pedicures and manicures for free one day a month. We call it "spa day" This is a day of fellowship, support and prayer -- to refresh and pamper our moms, so they can continue the ministry God has called them to as a wives, mothers, and teachers, with strong faith and light hearts. (all the while the kids are screaming their heads off and playing for all they are worth - lol - it is a good day for them as well. )

The most important function of this ministry, I believe, is communication between the moms. Through the Vista Hills Homeschool ministry email list, we pass information. Whether it is a field trip, answering questions, a cool web site or a prayer request, we share it with each other. This is how we all stay connected and get to know each other.
Most of us have never met one another. (I'd say there are about 10-20 out of the 200 families who participate regularly - how active you are completely depends on you) But we know each other through the email, and we know we are never alone - There are sisters out there who are praying us through.

If you have questions on any subject, just shoot an email through and ask all the other moms. There are about 210 of them willing to give an opinion on just about anything.

The only price we charge for being part of this ministry is that we ask you to take a moment and actually pray over each and every concern that comes through.

​I​f you find that I am worthy of an extra "tip" for my efforts, I ask that you cover ​my family and I with prayer for wisdom, health, time to do the work, financial and other provisions to do the things God wants ​ us to do, and ​to help me ​find a"balance" between God (lest He end up at the bottom of ​ my priority list), my husband, my children and the ministry.

​When God provides us with a teacher, we set up classes. All of our classes are free -- God was very clear that we are not allowed to charge for them. If you want to teach a class, we would love to have you do it in our classroom, but it has to be as a service to Christ or we can't use you.

We also try to provide other events, such as dances and field trips.​ But we only have these things if the moms within the ministry set it up. This ministry is only as active, loving and helpful as the families within it choose to make it. I am a facilitator - but you all MUST give me stuff to facilitate or nothing happens. I just can't do it all by myself - I had to step down from ministry for a while because I Do NOT want to go there again. ha ha​

I am here to serve you by the power of the Holy Spirit living in me through Jesus Christ our Lord. The name is "Homeschool" Ministry but we are about the Lord's business. You can ask us for help for anything. We pray first, and if the Lord says "do" -- we do.

If we sound like "your cup of tea" drop me a note and I will add your name to the address list. :o).

For Gods Glory!




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