Becky Cerling Powers

Becky Cerling Powers helped start the first home school support group in El Paso in 1984 when Texas parents were battling the Texas Education Agency for the freedom to homeschool their children. She is a former parenting columnist for the El Paso Times and El Paso Scene,  the author of Laura’s Children: the Hidden Story of a Chinese Orphanage, and the editor and compiler of My Roots Go Back to Loving, a collection of faith-based family stories from El Pasoans. Becky and her husband Dennis have three adult children and nine grandchildren, all of whom live much too far away. So she enjoys inviting parents to come to her house with their children to meet God through discovery Bible study for all ages using everyday art projects. and


Hearing God

In in the whirlwind of raising and homeschooling our children – and in the confusion of finding a path to peace for our own personal issues – the first part of wisdom is recognizing that we aren’t wise enough. We need to connect to God. We need to get His perspective and His direction. This class is a hands-on, ears-tuned-in session designed to help you recognize when and how God is speaking to you. Come early if you want to join us. This is a focused, no-interruptions-allowed session, so conference latecomers will have to wait outside until the doors open and the next conference session begins.

Meeting God Together in His Word: for kids from 3 to 103

How to explore the Bible with children using everyday art projects like drawing, playacting, and making games to get your kids engaged in discovering for themselves who God is and how to respond appropriately to Him. The workshop encourages and enables adults to meet God in His Word together with children in simple, natural ways at home.

A Weekend of Workshops