Charlie Wolcott

Charlie Wolcott is a rising author, speaker, and Christian apologetic. His first novel was published in 2014  and more books are on the way. He writes weekly for Worldview Warriors regarding worldview issues, creation, spiritual warfare, and Christian living. As a speaker, Wolcott was featured at the 2015 Colorado Christian Writers Conference and has spoken for numerous other groups. His real passion is to speak about Biblical Worldviews and why it is important to look at everything from God's perspective. He has studied the issues regarding origins for well over a decade and has extensive training on how to teach about Biblical Worldviews.  Wolcott grew up on the mission field, serving with his parents in Juarez, Mexico and has a powerful testimony, overcoming both moderate physical and learning disabilities. He may be reached by e-mail at or following his author Facebook page "C.A. Wolcott Author Page".

The Reliability of the Bible.
Is the Bible true? Can we trust it? What makes the Bible stand out from any other book. Here are ten reasons why the Bible proves to be true.

Basic Christianity
The term "Christian" is often loosely tossed around with little regard to what it actually is. We have all kinds of denominations and other weird teachings under the banner of Christianity. Which is true? Let us return back to the basics of what it means to be a Christian.

Fencing - parents and teens.... 
There is a battle for the minds of this next generation. If we do not train our kids how to think and engage against the world's system, they will teach our kids how to think and engage against God. The sport of fencing can give us a vivid visual description of what this battle looks like. Come get equipped and trained to raise up a generation of warriors who will stand for the truth of the Gospel.

​Fencing - kids
Kids would you like to try out a unique sport? Fencing is the classic sport of sword fighting. Come learn the basics of fencing that anyone can do regardless of age or skill.

A Weekend of Workshops