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Learning Alive

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Internet4Classrooms – 2nd Grade Level


Middle East Map

Middle East Historical Map

Ben’s Guide: Place the State - Level  1

Ben’s Guide: Place the State – Level 2

I Like to Learn Menu

Map Test

Scott Bryce – United States Geography

Test Your Geography Knowledge – USA

Teacher Planet: Social Studies Worksheets and Printables

Southern Baptist Capitols

German Mythology

German Heroes

OMACL – The Niblungenlied

The Niblungenlied – Translated by Peter Needler


Grammar Learned Actively

Grammar Menu

The Tongue Untied

Language Art

The Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Bytes

Grammar Songs

Grammar Zoo

Kids Freesouls

Parts of Speech Games

Toon University – Parts of Speech

Handwriting Practice

Writing Cursive Pages from Crayola

Handwriting Worksheets

Historical Music

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Popular Sings in American History

Classics for Kids


A Book in Time

Alice Williamson Diary

Civil War

All Hands on Deck! USS Constitution Educator Resources

American Heritage Education Foundation

American President – Resource on U.S. Presidents

Famous Moments in Early American History

Eyewitness to History

Librivox – Give Me Liberty by Patrick Henry

Presidential Hangman Game

School History – History Resources

Virtual  Jamestown

Quotes from the Founding Fathers

The Learning Pages – Especially for Teachers

Learning Games

Cool Math Games for Kids


Shockwave Online Games

Funbrain - Number Words

$pending $pree

Practice Counting Money Games



A Plus Math

Count Us in Games

Cross the River Math Game

AAA Math - Fourths

Home School Mat

Discription for "life of Fred"

Exercises in Math Readiness

AAA Math – Place Values

Multiplication Made Easy

Money Math

Counting Money

My Schoolhouse – Counting Money

Quia – Counting Change

The Mega Penny Project

Counting Money Tutorials

Odds and Ends

Scott Bryce

Organizational Forms

Oklahoma Home School Forms and Free Workshops

Paper Rater


The Presidential Hangman Game


BBC Education – Dynamo – Matching Time

Born Thinker – Smiley Clock

Clock Program

Just in Time – A Matter of Time

Stop the Clock

Worksheet Generators

The Math Worksheet Site

Social Studies Worksheets