Deb Roennebeck

Deb Roennebeck, a 24-year veteran of homeschooling, is the founder/administrator of the God-centered Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry, which has carried on through His provision and direction for 14 years.  God placed it on Deb's heart to help support, encourage, disciple and raise up the next generation of young homeschool moms. She, her husband Volker (a German National), and their four children, Annaliesa, 24, Cardina, 20, Christian and Cameron, 18,
​ along with her parents, MaryLou and Pierce McDowell,​
have shared in its operation from the time God gave each of them a heart for the ministry.  During this time, through prayer, God has proven Himself more than reliable in providing everything needed to support over 250 families both in El Paso and across the country. 
Deb comes to serving God naturally, having often ministered with her parents in the teaching and counseling of marrieds, pre-marrieds, homosexuals, battered children, etc. throughout her teenage years.  Although she is not in good health, God has enabled her to persist in a ministry that continues to grow as parents begin to realize the benefits of homeschooling.  She counsels and mentors those God brings into her life and has seen a number of unbelievers brought into the Lord’s service. Her desire is that families would depend upon Him as they fulfill His call to raise their children for Him.


​The Beauty of Words... 
Today's world has lost the beauty of colorful, picturesque words that paint a picture so profound it can make you cry.  ​Most modern moms are not even old enough to have ever been exposed to great writings themselves and therefore don't even know what their children are missing.  As homeschoolers, we have the potential to bring back the things we find value in.     Deb Roennebeck hopes to re-introduce the beauty of great words and deep thoughts into our homeschools.

Proactive Parenting - Knowing Your Goals
Too many people today are "reactive" parents.  Their kids do things and they "react" out of emotion.  We need to be proactive in our parenting so those things that need to be corrected are few and far between.  It IS possible.  Biblically, we should know what our goal is, why we correct each situation, what is the heart issue that causes that behavior and then correct in a way that addresses the underlying sin instead of just putting a bandage on the outward symptom of a deep and festering heart issue.  We need both God's Word to guide us and God's example of how He teaches us.  Are we really "Raising them up in the way they should go" if all we do is scramble to punish outward behavior? 

Reaching Your Homeschool's Full Potential
Homeschooling is not and should not be public school at home.  How do our goals and methods differ?   How to you teach multiple grade levels?  What curriculum do I recommend for a 4-year-old? What are some of the ways you can make your homeschool fresh and fun while still accomplishing the learning?  My desire is to help you to let go of the preconceived notions of what “school” looks like and get you to dream of the possibilities! 

A Weekend of Workshops