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La Prima Danza

La Prima Danza is the official dance academy of Vista Hills Homeschool Ministry!  We currently have 2 teams, the Senior and the Junior team.

The senior team currently has 8 coupes and ranges from 13 up.  The Junior team is ages 7-12, and had 10 members.  

Both teams are 100% free, so that no dancer gets left behind.  La Prima Danza does not believe that only the rich should have the opportunity to dance, compete, and perform in this sport!

We hold auditions about twice a semester, at the beginning and the end. 
For more information about any upcoming events, join us on Facebook at WWW.Facebook.com/LaPrimaDanza.
Or Email us at LaPrimaDanza@ahoo.com

Owner/Artistic director : Annaliesa Whited

Assistant Artistic Director : Richard Whited

Captain : Cardina Roennebeck

Captain : Christian Roennebeck.

More information to come